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Hours of data retrieved in seconds

The tool has been designed to help you analyze hours of interviews together to uncover patterns and discover insights you would otherwise miss. You don't need to be a trained researcher to make the most of the tool.

Search through a project or your whole repository
Our search scans through all your saved interviews and notes to deliver results in seconds. You can search for important quotes, keywords and files from interviews taken months ago.
Find your data in so many ways. So, so many ways.
Filter using nested labels, interviewee demographics, emotions, questions and interviews.
Visualize your data
Beautiful charts, perfect for presentations
Quantify your results with just a click. Compare results for each interview and every cohort.

Works with your favorite product tools.

Super charge Zoom into a UX powerhouse
Integrated with Notion, Miro, Google sheets, Google Drive, Asana and Qualtrics

Let's keep in touch.