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The best way to conduct, organize, analyze
and share your customer research

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Elevate the voice of your
users across the whole organization

Marvin automates the tedious parts of qualitative research so you’re free to uncover and share rich insights about what your customers really need.

Find the why
behind your customers

Analyzing qualitative data has always been the key to designing better user experiences. Marvin automates the tedious aspects so you’re free to uncover rich insights about what your customers really want.

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  • Create a crystal-clear process for user interviews

    Manage your research panel in one place to streamline the entire journey

  • Protect your users with automatic privacy filters

    Our advanced AI can automatically blur faces and remove personal data from videos and transcripts.

  • Collaborate with super-simple sharing

    Give your team a framework to find insights and patterns. Showcase your interviewees' emotions through video clips that bring their perspectives to life.

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  • Your data is secure with us

    We are GDPR and SOCII compliant. Have custom security requirements? We are up for that.

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